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Anyway that's the broad outline. Since graduation this job I'm on leave from has been the best paying job I've had which is so discouraging. It's partially my fault too since I won't take jobs helping natural gas pipeline companies install pipelines in accordance with regulations.


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i'm not gonna boost a single goddaamn bread post... they're all crumby

A comic. A girl's brain says big dick energy. She is unfased and says "i love that". The girl's brain then says cisgender people, which mortifies her.

Anyway please boost this toot with my new main account, until I figure out how to spam y'all

How do I send an invite to people from this account, from my new account, @SallyStrange ?

Oh really?

.social has a problem with "Fuck white people?"

Right I'm stopping procrastinating.

Milo would like you to please put some snuggles and belly rubs on your schedule.

Penguins mate for life but sometimes the wealthy penguin husband has a bizarre and tragic accident

hey pals! my friend Phosile is a young black single mother with chronic mental illnesses. please donate, boost and share on your social medias to help her raise money to fund a rare opportunity on a part time acting course 💜

I'm below 15% body fat but don't think I won't remember how dudes on the apps treated me when I was bigger. I'm shooting for abs and then denying them ALL sex. ALL OF THEM.

"In the face of the tragedy of this night, the students of the museology course are mobilizing to preserve the memory of the (Brazil) National Museum. We ask everyone who possesses images (photographs / videos / even selfies) of the collection and exhibition spaces to share them with us."

y'all, please send virtual hugs to the Brazilian people tonight, who lost their entire national museum in a catastrophic fire. thousands of artifacts that date back thousands of years were lost, as well invaluable artworks from many cultures. this is a terrible loss for humanity.

as an anthropologist, artist and a lover of brazilian culture, and as someone who studied tupi, this loss is staggering and tremendous. wearing clothes that have questionable ethical production, or interacting with a capitalist economy at all is full of compromises, and in some cases, those compromises are bigger and less justified than say, supporting electoral politics or a party that you don't align with perfectly.

The Museo Nacional in Brazil, the largest natural history museum in Latin America, is burning down, taking with it thousands of artifacts from cultures across the world.

hey uhhhh there's an official D&D statblock for the minions from Despicable Me

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