My new phone has a congenital scuff on the screen. Gonna ask for them to swap for another new one (no replacement screens for me)

Time to go spend an inordinate amount of money on a phone only marginally better than my current one!

In the chronicle of “weird subway sightings” a four-car out-of-Service train signed with an orange ‘Q’ bullet is one of the weirdest.

(The Q has not been orange since 2001!)

@dan I’m willing to bet we’ll find out when we tear it apart in a few months.

I kind of wonder if they couldn’t build a smaller lcd efficiently.

@dan I’m still annoyed the phone isn’t all black.

And we’re close (but not quite there) to my ideal black-with-gold-stainless device.

Gotta love home-cooked meals. The rest of the holiday pageantry not so much.

It’s always good to get dinner with friends but 9pm is too late an hour

Well that was an anticlimactic final death of AirPort

Successfully installed an SSD in my Mac mini on the first try. Successkid.jpg

@crystallized it’s also a clear sign that you pull some shady shit.

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