The pressure on urban Indians to get fit is inversely proportional to the facilities required for a daily fitness workout, writes Priya Ramani. Only the most resolute can ignore the garbage heaps, traffic, stray dogs, bandicoots & bewildered bovines.

India needs strong institutions, not strongmen. Strongmen we weaken strong institutions. Weak institutions make the country weak, are against peace, national security and national interest. Weak institutions are "anti-national".

"As the economy tanks further and more distractions are required for Narendra Modi’s nationalist base, his government is increasingly emboldened to rachet up the war against dissent. The actions of Modi’s government this week make it amply clear that vendetta clumsy or thorough – is a cornerstone of the prime minister’s politics and policies."
My column, just released.

I hear this question a lot: There are no blue tick verifications on Mastodon. You can verify ownership of a homepage, it shows up as a green tick next to the link on your profile. To do so check instructions on the edit profile page. It’s automatic.

How Assam’s Foreigners Tribunals, aided by the high court, function like kangaroo courts and persecute its minorities.
Long read but read it.
India is sliding into an abyss of lawlessness, driven by the very institutions meants to uphold the law.

"The current Indian economic crisis is primarily a result of the missteps & misadventures of the NDA regime over the last 5 years. The anniversary of the biggest of these misadventures is the best time to recount the 10 biggest missteps. Demonetisation broke the back of the informal & rural economy. None of its objectives were achieved, though it did create long-term distress, the after-effects of which evident through the decline in demand and rise in unemployment."

The curious case of Jay Amitbhai Shah’s Twitter account: Blue tick without ever tweeting, over 10,000 followers in 24 hours. From business to social media, whatever Amit Shah’s son touches seems to turn to gold.

Narendra Modi and the unsurprising politics of vendetta: The PM has a long memory and imposes meticulous retribution on dissenters, I write. No slight is forgotten, no reprisal considered too petty or disproportionate.


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