Do you think the developers of Photo Booth knew it would be mostly used as a pre video-call mirror?

Just because you're remote, doesn't mean you can't have a good relationship with your team. I just recieved a sorry you're leaving / congrats on the promotion card from my old team which is currently being read by my giant leaving present from

Why do all the road signs in Wales look like someone sat on a Yubikey?

This week marks the end of my second year at

It's been wild. Here's to the start of year 3!

A fantastic post by and on creating dark mode for the GitLab web IDE.

Been trying out lately. It's not bad. I've not seen any upsides or downsides just yet. Maybe I'm missing something

"John snob or is" is an anagram of "Boris Johnson" and it makes just as much sense as that drivel he spouted yesterday.

I think I'll just keep staying at home.

Calling all users! We launched our CFP for our events! Share your story with us by submitting your talk today!

😀 Ordered an electric drum kit online.
😃 Got a shipping notification.
😬 Got a knock at the door this morning.
😍 Saw a ups truck.
😕 Noticed the parcel was small and light.
😔 Opened the box to find the plug for the drum kit. The rest arrives next week.

Happy Star Trek day!

May the odds be ever in your favour.

TIL you can change the notification sound on

There's all your usual dings, blips, and bloops. Then there's HUMMUS. Which is literally just someone saying, "Hummus".


Choose your difficulty level:

- Working from home
- Working from home with kids
> Working from home with kids during a lockdown
- Working in an office

Not sure how it got so high in the list, but this is a belting EP. I miss Wraiths.

I made a fancy dashboard in an effort to boost my,, and skills.

Just needs some cable management and a way to disguise that it's sticking half a foot off the wall and I'll be happy 😅

Great talk from at today. It's a real shame we couldn't do it in person though.

It's bugging me way more than it should that they've picked such a hard number to divide evenly

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