If you use Google Docs for your meeting or 1:1 agendas, here's a way to automate them. No more copy/pasting agenda templates.


The DevOps lifecycle for projects that are infrequently updated:

1. Pick up an old project
2. Attempt to get it running locally
3. Get frustrated at outdated packages
4. Repeat previous two steps until sufficiently frustrated
5. Put the project back on the shelf

Huge congrats to @spiritboxband@twitter.com on living up to the hype for . Phenomenal album.

Help support @jamiebradley234@twitter.com and the North Tees Diabetes Unit gofund.me/8c8576c8

.@gitlab@twitter.com's Verify:testing group are looking for a senior frontend engineer to join their ranks.

This team works on the tools that make testing code easier. Code coverage, review apps, performance testing and more. about.gitlab.com/handbook/engi

Good luck!

New MacBook and a new @gitlab@twitter.com themed wallpaper to remind me to keep things async

My doctor's hold music is the sound of a telephone ringing. Not the usual noise you get when calling someone, but the shrill tones of an office phone that demands your attention.

In other news, I fall outside of the vaccine group by literal seconds πŸ˜…

I wrote a post all about the missing lines on @gitlab@twitter.com's pipeline graphs. Why they're gone, what they meant (or didn't), and how they're coming back better than ever.

Check it out!


Time for a @gitlab@twitter.com tip of the day!

Use the following command to push up a branch and automatically create a Merge Request into the default branch.

`git push -o merge_request.create`

The amount of times I've picked this remote up upsidedown or sideways is too damn high.

I like automating things and I like tasklists. I have (semi) automated my tasklist to post to our standups with my tasks for the day.

If only I could automate the tasks too πŸ€”

It's @gitlab@twitter.com release post day! Verify are showing up strong again with expanded includes in the pipeline editor, visibility on repeated failed tests, and reusable CI/CD configs!

It's great to see Secure's alert dashboard too!

Best. release. ever.


I used to dread the end of the milestone, but it's now my favourite time of the month as I get to see all the great things our engineers have been working on coming to life.

GitLab 13.9 continues the trend of being the best release ever.

Protip for @gitlab@twitter.com users. You can search for issues / MRs with your emoji reactions for super easy bookmarking.

Here's how I track the release posts I'm assigned to:


Someone's been busy. Huge thank you for all these contributions @big1nt@twitter.com you're a superstar! 🀩


Very proud of the Pipeline Authoring team this month. We've shipped our first major feature in @GitLab@twitter.com 13.8 and hold the top four slots on our 13.8 release post!


Great work @miguelrincon86@twitter.com !

We ran this pipeline ~700 times yesterday so this three-minute saving shaved off 35 hours in a single day*!

*Provided my math skills are still working

RT @miguelrincon86@twitter.com

My blog article is out! Published in @gitlab@twitter.com blog about.gitlab.com/blog/2021/01/

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/miguelrincon86/sta

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