When somebody steps out of your life, it's your decision whether to allow them back or not.

Yesterday I met a woman who never swears. Like never ever, ever.
Eager to break what I thought was a "good girl" image, I asked, "Is it because you think it's rude?"
"No no. Don't feel the need to give gaali."
"Never felt an f-bomb come up?"
"Never. I don't manage my frustration with gaali. If I feel I've been wronged then I just threaten people with the real consequences. If they don't change their behavior, I just carry out the punishment."
She proceeded to give me a huge grin.

What if we are all a story in each other's life like a Whatsapp or an Instagram story?

Destiny is the algorithm then.

If you are smart/wise enough to not anything in life for granted, you will have a more restful life than many others.

Good people of Mastodon, I've been seeing a number of posts here that compare the Ayodhya judgment to a husband losing his wife to another man, treatment of rape victims etc. This is quite worrisome.

Women aren't property that one can win/lose claim over. Such comparisons reinforce the idea of ownership over women as passive objects. I have high hopes from this space and how we talk about women here.

So please do continue with the much-needed criticism, but please keep women out of it.

Mandir-Masjid kuch bhi bana lo. Bass chutiya mat banao.

Friend's dad excitedly shows me a laptop his son got him.
I ask, "Uncle what are the specs?"
"He managed to get 40% discount and also did the exchange offer. All in all, ended up spending only 9000 rupees!"
Uncle hugs beta.
I smile benignly.
Thrift is the best gift for dads.

I like to clarify why we don’t have a verification system like the #birdsite with the blue thingy next to your name.

On the #fediverse or at least #Mastodon we all are equal. No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite. We want equality right?

We have plenty of methods to prove who you are on other platforms, we don’t need a badge for that 😉 Ofcourse you can use it however you like but this would be the reason, I’ll hope you’ll understand

In the wake of Ayodhya verdict there'll be a lot of fake and provocative messages floating around. Please use your discretion. Think before believing and forwarding.

Alternatives to popular apps.
WhatsApp --> Signal
Gmail --> Tutanota/Protonmail
Videos --> Peertube
Search Engine --> Duckduckgo
Browser --> Mozilla
VPN -- 2 Uses( 1. Bypass = Proton VPN - 2. Privacy = Self hosted, Torrent = Mullvad etc)
Operating System --> Linux(Debian/Ubuntu, Arch, CentOS etc..)
Media Players --> MPV/VLC
Text Editor --> Notepad++
ART --> Krita

Boost/Follow for more, also let me know your favourite app.

The day I retire from work, I’ll buy a nice little house in Ranthambore and settle there for ever.

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

New platform. Hardly any followers. Too many uncertainties.
Have my tusk cut out.

There are so many horrors of demonetisation that I can recall but one will stick with me forever. I came across a carpenter sobbing near Churchgate St, he didn't want to beg. He had no work since past several and no money left. He had no hopes of getting work, he had spent all morning gazing at skyscrapers hoping for some work to fall into his lap. Nothing. I heard him whimpering and he reluctantly accepted some money and a vada pav, which was to be my lunch I still tear up when I think of him

for those new to and came from :

In case you didn't know, is a similar alternative for Instagram. You can find an instance at pixelfed.social

The interesting feature is, you can follow a Pixelfed account from your Mastodon account, and new photos there will end up in your Mastodon timeline. ;)

Yay for .

Peeps, pls remember dat on Mastodon even *DMs n private toots* are visible to d Instance's Admins

Pls exercise caution while sharing private info/pix etc over DMs here...

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