Bah, I am playing Windows support again. Mother complained that her laptop is running slow. Surprise surprise, Avast is using 100% of disk activity, eating 100% of RAM and utterly eliminating system performance.

Windows is a piece of trash and the AV software is a worse offender than the threats its trying to prevent.

@vanyasem Buying new hardware to fix a software problem. Smart idea, Sergei. I'll be sure to take your expert advice into consideration.

@vanyasem I didn't need a resume, not that yours is particularly impressive. I've been using Linux since 2010, of which the past two years have been Arch. So, with that resume and your attitude I have less than zero respect for anything you have to say. Goodbye.

@Samsai I usually just uninstall third-party AV from any Windows machine that I have to troubleshoot. A lot of AV behaviour is indistinguishable from the malware it ostensibly protects against, and Windows Defender with every option turned on will do the job unless somebody is really determined to install malware (at which point third-party AV won't help either).

Or I sneak Linux onto their machine, because it works just as well for people who just want to use Facebook, email and Youtube.

@bVork I would so like to install Linux here but she needs some Windows-only tools for her work.

The Avast install is on its way out now though. It's clearly not functioning correctly and I know Defender does a fairly decent job without incurring such heavy performance penalty.

@lipe66 She does need an actual computer though, so a glorified browser doesn't really cut it, even if the prospect of never having to do maintenance on her computer does sound enticing.

@Samsai the other options are macOS and gnu/linux

@lipe66 Linux would be absolutely fantastic if she wasn't tied up to some Windows software and I'm unwilling to try and sort that stuff out in Wine. But believe me, as a fairly long-time Linux-only user, if it was possible, I'd wipe that Windows install and put Linux on it right now.

@Samsai I have the same problem with my dads laptop, but he's 100% certain he needs that AV or his laptop will die within seconds. I would install Linux on it but he still needs some software and is a little afraid to jump ship.

@Samsai Try a different antivirus, some are better than others. I would always prefer the built in security essentials or clamAV.

@Samsai Or better yet install Linux, make it look like windows, install wine and clamAV (since windows malware is 100% compatible) if she needs windows only software, tell her its a new update with increased performance and stability.

@Samsai Doesn't Windows 10 already come with an anti virus program?

@Samsai Hello. My 2c ... having lots of experience with all #windows, osx/mac os and #linux. I think #macos is the best os for non-techinal minded users. however, i have noticed that using mac os in production is remarkably slow and inefficient mostly due to #finder . its even got worse in #mojave due to how server shares are implemented. windows is still the modt production optimized os for me, eventhough i use #linux as my main os.

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