Yup, definitely had more than just a sore arm from this second covid shot. Got a fever during the night and I feel like I had a week's worth of wacky dreams. I also woke up a fair number of times, so the night felt really long. Feel alright now though, still a light fever but it feels like it's on the way out.

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Crazy, my first moderna shot was a big sore arm, my second was a slightly sore arm.

I understand everyone has different reactions, but I do not want to get really sick or spread this virus...


@namida12 It varies a lot between people and how strong the immune reaction is depends on a bunch of factors. My dad and mom got basically nothing from either of their shots and my sister didn't even have a sore arm from the first shot.

Either way, a fever for a night is a small price to pay to help put an end to the pandemic.


I think I had some wild dreams too, although I don't remember too well. Glad to hear it worked itself out after a day or so at least.

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