Twitch have still not actually informed users of the massive data breach they had. They have commented on it, but only through social media and news sites. Today they sent out the first email to users, which was about stream keys being reset, but didn't actually mention the breach in any way. This is just neglectful on their part.

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I'll stress that any Twitch user that might not have checked tech news or just the right places on social media would still be totally in the dark, and thus are not taking the potentially necessary steps to secure their accounts.

Thank you @Samsai, do you have an estimated list of them so that I can focus the brute force?

@Samsai sounds like it's time to seek an alternative place that actually cares about their users

@Samsai I got a twitch message saying that "out of abundance of caution" they reset my stream keys or something. "Abundance of caution" is a fun name for "all of your data is up on torrents".
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