This defacing ( coinciding with the massive Twitch breach makes me uneasy storing any of my information on the site, so I've requested my account be deleted. However, it seems like Twitch wants to drag its feet for 90 days, which is not very cool.

BTW, they still haven't directly informed users about the breach.

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@Samsai They are still downplaying it massively, which is the worst part IMHO.

I did receive an email from them informing me that the reset the stream key in an "overabundance of caution". This is a bad joke.

@murks Yup, that and the email didn't inform users of anything. It was basically just a "we wiped your stream keys" and no explanation. I would argue that they have a GDPR failure-to-notify violation in progress, because it's hardly reasonable to expect users would go to Twitch's Twitter account to read if there has been a breach or not.

@Samsai I agree. Full information via email is they least I would expect.

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