Twitch's response to the security breach is a failure.

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I don't think I've needed this many bold tags when I've previously ranted about companies doing stupid stuff, but my patience with Twitch has truly run out.

@Samsai I think my patience in the major tech companies has ran out in general.

@rebelclover Completely understandable. The business model of major tech companies seems to be increasingly in the market of selling major disappointment and frustration.

@Samsai and to add to this i did speak to some partnered streamers about the topic

i won't name them to avoid drama or people attacking them

however they have informed me that part 2 could actually be an address credit card and who knows what else dox due to the info partners are required to give to twitch so they can get paid

@codythedragonrude I am quite aware. I myself had an affiliate contract and if that info was stored along with all of this other stuff, that means I'll be among the victims on this.

@Samsai well i hope you all find ways to remain safe credit cards can pretty much be disputed and replaced but yeah the home address stuff is just bad

i really hate when people blame the streamers for something that is out of their control

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