The job offer for the permanent position also arrived. So, on Monday I will no longer be an intern and instead a full-blown developer. Pay went up from 2630€ to 3370€ and apparently interesting new projects await.

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@Samsai Congratulations! I hope the upcoming tasks and projects will suit you just fine and you have exciting stuff ahead.

@luricaun I'm hoping so too. Apparently going to move from JS frontend stuff slightly more towards some kind of a cloud project, but they might need frontend too. They apparently have it planned out so that my MSc thesis will be about the same project as well.

@Samsai I wish you all the best for those new projects. Hope everything turns out as expected. Fingers crossed. 🤞

@potatoxel What companies typically mean by cloud. So, generally speaking, dynamically allocated, networked computing resources often based on virtualization and/or containerization.

@potatoxel Too late for that battle and I can't really be bothered to debate-lord them about it.

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