Ugh, one hour work meeting about cryptocurrencies. Kinda annoying that half of our team seems to be unreasonably hyped about it. Kinda worried that they might eventually try to pull me in to work on some horrendous web3 prototype at some point.

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@bekopharm Luckily I am tied up with another project at least until the end of the year. So, at least nobody can task me with "smart contracts" or other economic and ecological disasters until next year. that sound like the type of thing where you start to think "do I want to cross this line or just search for other job"

@potato_lisper There are also whispers of IT security nuts wanting to introduce rootkits to Linux workstations and limit distro options, so if that happens and our team starts peddling crypto, it might be bye-bye time. Should have enough work experience and successful projects under my belt to do a switcharoo.

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