High-tech outdoor anti-glare system for my laptop.

@Samsai description: a laptop with a carton roof

@Samsai love those cardboard setup :3

I had a box that I used to bring to starbucks to sit outside

@Samsai Where can I buy one? Or is it custom design?

@kurisu As much as it tries, my laptop cannot compete with that ball of fire up there.

@kurisu HP Notebook 15. The screen is glossy and becomes a mirror in direct sunlight.

@Samsai glossy and low brightness? damn that sucks

@Samsai I wish I had this technology back when we used to carry out desktop computers and CRT monitors to the yard, because my friends mom told us to go play outside instead.

@Samsai The biggest weakness of the nerds, the sun :D

@Samsai Dude, just stay indoors. Or, if you're not too addicted, leave the laptop at home. 😉

@Samsai This is also a very efficient privacy system!

@Samsai mine is a 10 floor apartment building. Works like a charm. Bonus points fof being waterproof!

@Samsai 😂 😜 had the same issues last weekend hahaha

@Samsai you've got a startup business laying on that table worth thirty six bajillion squillion trectillion dollars 😋

@Samsai Dude - might want to invest in an anti-dust system first - geeze!

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