The husk of my old 2500k system has been resurrected to test if my RX580 is borked.

I guess whatever the reason for having barely a few megabits of bandwidth yesterday has more than resolved itself. Since this is on a 4G connection it probably fluctuates from this a fair bit, but one can dream that these speeds last.

These solar-charged candle thingies look pretty neat when it gets dark.

This thing right here is what I missed the most about summer.

Decided to try this new open world experience I found. It was pretty nice.

Also, just so that my timeline doesn't just consist of me tooting about being sick or streaming, have a donut. Decided to do some more of the Beginner Tutorial for Blender and it's now very sprinkly and textured. It's a pretty good tutorial, would recommend:

I was supposed to do a bit of studying for an exam, but instead ended up procrastinating so hard that I spent 2 hours going through a Blender tutorial and rendered a donut. So, I guess exams do have a positive impact on learning after all.

I had a nice run of Jupiter Hell. Managed to make it to level 13 and could have kept it going had I just been a bit more careful with a particularly irritable summoner. Gotta say, it's a quite fun roguelike.

Sitting by the lake and watching the clouds float past. It's a quite nice day, although a bit on the cool and windy side.

The fun (or at least monitor count) has been doubled!

Linux Game Jam is going good. Lot's of features implemented and many bugs both written and consequently unwritten. Our current version also looks cool in cool-retro-term.

We're basically done with the Linux Game Jam already. Something displays and there's almost gameplay mechanics in there, so time to ship it. :P

First day of Linux Game Jam 2019 has been productive! We have a silly ncurses thing that runs at 1 FPS and the gameplay is super broken but progress is progress.

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