Summer cottage trip is nearing its end. It's a bit of a shame to not be able to have a proper vacation, but it's also nice to get back to the city away from all the biting bugs. Overall not a bad extended weekend though.

Nice, the keyboard arrived. Now my setup looks fancy.

It seems like Freenode did a sloppy job with hijacking and we managed to hijack it back. I'm sure it'll be short-lived but this is still quite glorious.

New desk got. Now I can code, game and stream standing up. Will probably end up sitting most of the time, but at least I have the option.


This little buddy spooked me by hanging next to the toilet light switch. It got peacefully evicted.

Today I bring you strange artifacts from the ancient times of the 2000s. A video reminded me of these things and I had to check if I still had them. And I did.

I dunno, these FSF statements seem to be getting a bit strange.

Today's coding stream was productive. Got some jets flying that shoot missiles, projectiles connecting and explosions happening. Using Godot engine particle system goes a long way.

University game dev project is moving along decently well. Got little pew-pews and missiles flying around, although neither really does anything upon collision.

Yesterday temperatures went above zero and we got some rain. But it was still cold enough that the rain almost immediately froze when it hit the windows. Pretty cool.

When my Dutch friends say are getting 30 centimeters of snow and that it's going to be a catastrophe.

Got at least a bit of winter. 2021 already looking up.

I've now got the physical version of the degree too. That means I can stop posting about it now.

Technology strikes back. My watch is now in open revolt and shows me ads instead of the time.

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