@Nezchan Wow, that's definitely a [Specil Deal]! I might need to [Like And Subscribe] for more [Hyperlink Blocked].

I'm going to start my Wasteland 3 campaign over at cast.samsai.eu/ in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

@Nezchan I am still 100% supporting Updog over these upstarts.

@makeworld The data getting corrupted in transport is fairly unlikely due to TLS integrity checks, but the file could get corrupted in a checksum detectable way due to a bit flip in RAM or on the disk/disk controller, although I guess these are fairly unlikely too. So, maybe it could be argued that a checksum isn't really necessary, but theoretically it could still catch corruption that theoretically could happen.

Hello! I am going to be playing some Linux games over at cast.samsai.eu/ in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "Wasteland 3" and "Stone Story RPG". Then we'll head back for some more pain in Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

@hirozed That seems like it would be worthwhile for people to know, so feel free to throw a link my way. I've got a VM running on the company network that I have used for dev stuff, so it might not directly benefit me right now, but I'll never say no to more knowledge.

@spelk They said they have a network issue at their data center, but I guess that doesn't discount the possibility of a DDOS.

@potatoxel It's all well and good to do that, I run Linux systems at home and much prefer them, but work places certain limits on what I run on my work laptop and right now I need to make do with Windows.

@brandon Nope, the WSL2 VPN issue has nothing to do with the distro, but with WSL2 itself, it's reported plenty for well over a year and hasn't been fixed, and the corporate setup doesn't allow me to apply the workarounds, making the WSL2 totally unsuited for development when working from home. It barely works at the office, but if I cannot use the same environment everywhere, it's kinda pointless to use it anywhere.

It's amazing how totally unsuited for development Windows is. I had just about managed to get a decent-ish development environment working with WSL2, but I had to throw that away the moment I connected to a VPN. Outside of WSL all the development tools are so hideously slow that it's debatable if they are even usable. I am finding zero redeemable qualities and the only way I can get my work done is to remote into a Linux VM elsewhere.

I'm going to skip streaming today and instead focus on getting some VODs uploaded, because I've been sitting on them for a week. Gives me a chance to rest up and seek more inspiration too. Will be back to regularly scheduled streaming content next Friday.

If Toby Fox releases a new Deltarune chapter every 2 years, my GOTY picks are going to be fairly easy to guess every other year for a decade.

I'll be playing more Deltarune: Chapter 2 over at cast.samsai.eu/ in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at cast.samsai.eu/. Tonight's menu: "Monster Crown" and "Deflection". Then we'll try to not cheat too much in Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony. See you in the chat!

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I'm going back to my previous game dev project to do some small tuning and fixing. I've got at least one thing I would like to implement and I might do some small refactors along the way. cast.samsai.eu/

I'm going to be continuing with Deltarune: Chapter 2 over at cast.samsai.eu/ in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

@nergal Difference is that YouTube hasn't had its entire source code tree, creator payment records and a whole slew of other information leaked and then pretended everything is fine. I would also consider it fairly unlikely that Google would slip up like that.

If you are asking what my thoughts are on Google's business practices, I can assure you I have no love for YouTube and its monopolistic, data-hungry, broken and extremism-fueling systems.

@nergal @codythedragonrude Surveillance capitalism is only tangentially relevant to this situation. Twitch's breach is fairly unique in scale and their response fairly unique in how late and how underwhelming it is. The warning in my post is in relation to the status quo of data-snooping websites, meaning that I trust Twitch even less than, say, Facebook purely because at least Facebook is more likely under the control of their own engineers.

@codythedragonrude I am quite aware. I myself had an affiliate contract and if that info was stored along with all of this other stuff, that means I'll be among the victims on this.

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