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I did not quite understand why people are getting upset about #web3

Then, I read @kev 's manifesto the other day and thought, "oh... Yeah... That makes sense."

This morning's coffee read even more eye-opening.

The Web3 Fraud | USENIX

Wow, Sewer Rave was a wacky and horrible experience. Its low FOV and warping and moving textures and atmosphere gave me the worst case of simulation sickness I've ever had only after 20 minutes of playing. Had I kept going for much longer, I probably would have genuinely puked.

Was supposed to send that out 10 minutes ago, but I totally forgot to click the send button.

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Hello! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at Tonight's menu: "Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition" and "Sewer Rave". Then we'll go on a bit of a Snail Trek. See you in the chat!

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"I know not with what stack Web 3.0 will be built with, but Web 4.0 will be built with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein

Not going to stream today. I have some reading to do and there's just no way to turn that into an interesting stream even if I tried my hardest. So, instead I wish you a good rest of Sunday!

In about 10 minutes I'm going to be playing some Wasteland 3 over at See you in the chat!

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Big congratulations to Nickelback on not being the worst trash band anymore after last night's Game Awards.

Hi! I'm going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: "Wildermyth" and "The Long Dark". Then we're headed back into Bastion for more shards, cores and music. See you in the chat!

Some Python devs were very smug about us doing our project's backend in JS. Now that I have tried the project management tools they use, I really don't understand what they were smug about. Poetry is supposedly good, but it seems kinda primitive to me. Pretty sure even Gradle has it beat in usability.

Epic stream idea today! I am going to do homework over at I've got some Haskell exercises that I need to wrap up at some point, so may as well combine business and pleasure. See you in the chat!

I'm going to be playing Wasteland 3 over at in about 15 minutes. See you in the chat!

Hello! I am going to be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Today's menu: "Ashes 2063" and "Viscerafest". Then we'll be heading back into the calamity in Bastion. See you in the chat!

I already did some coding today, so instead I'll just chill and play some more Stellaris. See you in the chat!

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If only one in three of us would use their device one year longer, we could save the resources of producing hundreds of millions phones annually.

helps the environment by using to overcome software obsolescence.

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lol a news site started just selling ads themselves instead of using targeted bullshit and made so much more money

Hello! I'll be playing some Linux games over at in about 15 minutes. Tonight I'll be testing the new Aquatics DLC in Stellaris. Then we'll start up a playthrough of Bastion to complete the last part of the trifecta of native releases from Supergiant. See you in the chat!

I have two main motivations for graduating as soon as possible. 1. I won't have course exercise/project deadlines nagging in the back of my mind and 2. I won't need to deal with the miserable experience that is trying to use Zoom. The desktop client is a crashy POS and the web version consistently has audio or connectivity issues.

I've been complaining that my second display at work is low-res and only gives 1280x800 resolution. Today I plugged my personal Linux laptop to the dock and that display offered 1080p resolution. So it only offers low-res on Windows.

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