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Is there a Mastodon but, like, for Delhi's air?

I have not seen such intense protests and heroic protesters like Hong Kong in the recent past..

Protests are part of democracy, if you don't have them then you get authoritarian regimes.

The only hope in Indian democracy is this. I think protests should be taught as a part of the curriculum in Indian schools and universities.

Yellow orange,
Disfigured and poisoned sick,
A moon lies dying
In Delhi's sky.

"Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people." - Thor Heyerdahl

I clicked this one in Jaisalmer recently - it is an image of a Brilliant Ground Agama (Trapelus agilis). I learnt later that this individual belongs to the race pakistanensis. Clearly, lines in the sand like borders don't exist for him.

For the full blogpost -

My chosen people, Exodus isn't a pilot programme under which you keep one foot each in Egypt and the Promised Land in the hopes of getting the best of both worlds.

I know why I have to keep two houses, omnipresence and all that (and my shockingly cavalier attitude toward polygamy), but I cannot seem to divine why you still have to be on Twitter. Ditch the pharaoh!

Unpopular opinion: Expensive education makes you lose basic human empathy bit by bit.

How the heck did pull a rabbit out of the hat and win that match against ? I thought that he was done and dusted.

Creating things is easy.

Creating things secure and safely is a different matter but certainly needed more than anything I think 🔒

#mstdn #mastodon

Hello everyone, like you all I am new to this @Mastodon thing. I've been seeing people posting pictures of their cats a lot. I'm hoping pictures of flowers are acceptable?

Here is a sample of its song (courtesy Peter Boesman via I couldn't find a way to post an audio file here, so I have tried overlaying it over the image and converting it into a video file. Not sure how it works.

One of the pleasures of waking up before sun-rise, esp. in the mountain-forests of the , are the delightful sounds of birds wafting through the crisp, pre-dawn air. Of all of these pre-dawn sounds, the one that is most prominent is that of the Blue Whistling Thrush - its’ rambling-melodic whistling song usually starts about 25-40 minutes before actual sunrise.


OKAY! So it's been a couple of days since I joined Mastodon, which means it's time for a history thread. Going by tootles' responses, I'm going to be starting with these fascinating artefacts: the hero stones of the medieval Deccan.

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.”

And sometimes one does have to think outside the box, literally. This is one such image. The tree with the flock of Grandala was way to big to capture in one frame. So I went with a composite of 16 frames to make this image. This is one that is better seen on a large screen.

Read the blogpost at to learn how to make a composite image.

Is it just me or is everyone else also seeing lots more copies of Mein Kampf in bookstores these days? What does one make of this trend? Is it a deliberate action to spread right-wing thoughts? Or are lots of people reading it to find parallels? # trends

An inefficient man holding two key ministries; Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, doing nothing worthwhile gets another one, the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises after resigns.

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