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India is the world's Largest Hypocrisy
if you agree

Indian Muslims be like:
चलो कोई नही मंदिर बना लो पर हमें बड़े का गोस्त तो खाने दो! नहीं नहीं भाई हमें पता है गाय तो हमारी माता है और भैंस हमारी मौसी, हम तो पाडे के गोस्त की बात कर रहे थे!
I know this is not funny. But sadly true.

‪Actually didn’t go the way Modi/Shah wanted. They planned bog celebrations with more Muslim killings. But after US congress discussing Kashmir, they couldn’t afford another accusation of human rights violation.‬

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This decision is tribute to the Muslims who kept saying that Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan is a terrorist state. No amount of ass licking is going to please your majority brethern. Stand with the truth always.

West community please wake up and see how the biggest democracy recognized by you are doing. Please intervene and free Kashmir.

Many people compare Trump with Modi and US with India. Ram was imagenary, Jesus was real and historical. Can you imagine US courts giving a verdict on exactly what place Jesus was born?

‪I repeat and repeat again. India was never a secular state. Advanis may have dominayed from 1992, but Gogois we’re dominating India since 1947.‬

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The verdict coming today matters nothing to me or muslim community...because they are giving judgement on a piece of land not on the criminal act done when babri was demolished.... perpetrators of the act roaming free and enjoying power ... what to say... @Deepsealioness @amitbehere @sanjayuvacha @caped_humor @imAbdul

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@sakie339 @faisalrashid The thing with RW trolls is that they're looking for a reaction. If you mute them, block them, or simply ignore them, they lose steam. Their main purpose is to obtain a reactionary response from you and use it to instigate their brethren. They derive a sense of power from your reaction to their needling. But when you don't, they're not sure how to react.

It looks like after Kashmir debacle at international level, Modi/Shah have decided not to celebrate Ayodhya Verdict of building Ram Mandir. But bhakts are more interested in celebration (aka Muslim killings) than building the Ram temple. They won't be happy.

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Guys block the Squint Neon who came here for a green tick ✅. Do not engage, we don’t feed the trolls here, just block

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has been under lock down for over three months. Lets keep reminding people of that.

A threat of demographic change looms over the heads of the residents of a UN-recognised disputed region.


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