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I am a therapist and I prescribe all my patients a big ass kush blunt. the diagnosis? society.

pplaying minecraft on one monitor while having seasons 1-9 of the simpsons permanently autoplay on the other monitor

@galaxybrain On the federal timeline. He is a fossposter from Portland, Oregon.

its december 26th, you know what that means, its time to start listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies and specials

anti eugen clique is so cringy i've since become pro eugen now

If you ask me, we need MORE skits on albums!!!!!! they're the best part! my phone's music folder is nothing but the skits.

IPA stands for
that's why the beers are so good

watching the beatles: get back with all the laddies in my coding boot camp. oh nad we're drinking craft beers too

Barkeep! another round of black coffees for me and the lads in my programming boot camp!

sayyyy it isn't soooo oh ohh ohh h hhhhh *plays the shittest fucking guitar solo you've ever heard in your life*

Oh so when a girl listens to she's relationship goals but when i serenade you by poorly playing Island in the Sun on acoustic guitar its "who are you and what are you doing outside my house"

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