batman who laughs was the ultimate win for us gamers. we perverted and corrupted batman, the world's biggest chad, into a GAMER. and then DC comics turns around and gives the interior art on the title to a guy named jock. smh.

how to fix the brainwashing system we call education.
1. Gaming.
No need for explanation.
2. E-sport.
Gym class was always a pain. The jocks and cheerleaders in high school punched me in the face and mocked me for wearing my purple suit and Joker makeup to gym.
Call me crazy, but does that sound like a sane world to you? I guess you have to be crazy to call that "education". Me? I am beyond crazy. I've passed the line of sanity a long time ago. And I have the scars to show.

arthur's crimes in joker were reprehensible but nowhere near as reprehensible as those of the ruling class enacting austerity!

Joker is a good date movie. its when you introduce them to some REAL truth bombs about society and find out if they're woke af or not

heavy is the crown of the biggest celeb on mastodon...

can't upload images ...its like someone broke my legs right before a big race...

joker is a good movie and i agree with all criticisms of Joker (2019) because as we know all artistic depictions of acts and people are endorsements of the acts and people. anyway i'm off to go defund the humanities more!

getting prosecuted for shouting "FIRE" in a crowded theatre, but i was only describing Joaquin Phoenix's layered, graceful performance as Arthur Fleck (the joker)

So my wife is 3D printing this kid right? And it’s takin FOREVER so I says to her I says hey babe, what layer height you usin’? She turns to me and she says fuck off Jimmy get me a damn kombucha. So I give her a sniff and I’m like babe, your extruder nozzle feeling ok? smells a little hot. And she says fuck off Jimmy where’s my damn kombucha! So I’m in the fridge pokin around and I start thinkin, what if she ain’t got my filament loaded in there ya know? What if she’s got some other goon’s fila

in the new movie he becomes the joker after a sjw pushes him into a vat of pronouns

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