what if

we hang out here long enough to reprogram our brains so we enjoy being kind

and then on the few occasions we tweet, we cast forth that generosity & compassion further into the ether

this is serious kindness content;
not a joke

@SarahKite legitimately hoping that with having no nazis and liberals to rile people up that the mastodon left community will be friendlier

@ravenguardian17 @SarahKite *Kevin flashed back to his days on the Citizen Radio podcast internet forum, and early days of AOL chatrooms, and gamefaqs forums; shudders violently*

"I mean maybe"

@SarahKite twitter already feels so not-fun in comparison to here, it's like my brain is already being reprogrammed after only a day

@SarahKite hi. I've been here for a year and a half. And like, it's pretty rad.

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