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Olivia @SarcasmKid

Bender from futurama is my role model 👍

For the first time in ages I have a semi healthy bank balance 👍👍👍

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cats, expanding brain meme:
- inside
- outside
- actually inside. no, outside.
- the quantum superposition of inside and outside

@troubleMoney Wanted to establish a police state but not having enough police to do it, its a like a plot of a comedy lmao

4 followers on my first day of twitch, I'll be internet famous soon :D

Was nervous streaming lol but it was fun may do some more another time :D

Looking at memes trying to calm myself down before i stream 👍👍👍

So apparently the Queens favourite song is Dancing Queen by ABBA and thats really cute 😄

Im gonna stream some skyrim at 8pm gmt, whos ready for the cringe fest??

@Meshelly good luck! I hope everything goes okay ❤

@somarasu actually i do do bedtimes now lol

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follow @SarcasmKid b/c she loves burritos and doesnt do bedtimes 😎 💯

If you disagree with me i'll kill you.

Today is nice and sunny but im spending it indoors playing pokemon 👍👍👍