@Tusky, you prevent access to the network ( Let's say now it's good because I would not like them and they are bad…

In the future, will we still agree about good/bad notions? We are not Facebook here. Keep this in mind!

In addition to this, you did not even explain the censorship: you just rickroll your user. Instead, EXPLAIN your point of view. And face such a shame of the free software community.

Give us back our right to read 😡

Thanks to , the non- software.

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@Sbgodin Relax, friend. Your right to read is still there. @Tusky is free software, which means you can roll your own version that enables nazis if you want. It doesn't mean, however, that you're entitled to demand the author distributes a version that enables nazis by default.

@Tusky decided they were nazis. I did not. Even if they were, I want to be able to read. As long as stick to the Fediverse technical rules, the software must connect.

As you say, the authors plays as they want. I now use a software that respects me. Now I relax.

The software must tell users why they are now allowed to connect.

Developers must not use their knowledge and position to harass users like me. Yes, rickrolling me is such a case. If you don't think like then you're nazi 🙄

@Sbgodin Tusky did explain themselves that since it's a fork, many of its changes don't work with Tusky anyway so they won't maintain compatibility.

Make of that what you will.

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