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.@BernieSanders@twitter.com is holding a "climate crisis summit" tomorrow in Iowa. His campaign just released the full schedule.

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"Bernie & Warren are rather different candidates; only in a country that lacks a serious left is it possible to conflate them. Warren is a ‘capitalist to her bones...Bernie was birthed by movement culture; he believes in people power & collective action."

Bernie, legalize it 

@nynia - We're glad you made it. Let's create social media for 99%. ❤️ 🐘 🔥

📣 - New arrivals from Twitter, now on Mastodon, if you can see this toot, please boost it & reply. We need to organize. Bernie's having his followers stripped away by Jack on Twitter. Bernie surrogates are also being "autounfollowed".

🚨 We need to migrate our friends off Twitter to Mastodon where we can see each other. This is not a retreat, we will stay on Twitter, but having ONE unrigged platform (here) is now essential. twitter.com/010_10_101/status/

My four kitty boys are my life (Left to right- Lucien, Sweeney, Maric & Biggie Smalls)

@Gargron thank you for what you’ve created!! There’s a small movement growing on Twitter to send Bernie Sanders supporters over to Mastodon. The thought is that if all Sanders supporters joined Mastodon it would come closer to rivaling the other major social network sites. Be well!!

I think the and Republicans have been playing good cop , bad cop for the since the fall of the soviet union . So i am looking at what is going on now and guessing what the narrative is going to be . My guess is the plutocrats are going to move all the money they can out of the States and leave the " Democrats " holding the bag when the finally goes tits up from . They'll blame and co. while they loot whats left in .


I am not going be vote shamed into voting for a feckless light weight when I can vote for a candidate who will always put the needs of people first and has the record to prove it.


Fuck the main stream media.

We are going to fight and we are going to win. You can’t stop us.

Rising Up - Bernie 2020




A smug Warren fan on that thread is saying Bernie transferred $3M from his Senate account. That is a lie.

Did Warren transfer money?

Did Warren use bundlers?

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INTERESTING meeting today in Burlington, VT:
@BernieSanders@twitter.com sat down with @AOC@twitter.com.
The two were spotted at a diner in town and AOC’s team confirms they met.

No word on what they discussed....

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@HRC@twitter.com @BernieSanders@twitter.com Bernie has been an ally for a long time

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I’ve worked with @BernieSanders@twitter.com to help stop the Yemen war and he’s the only person running who voted against Trump’s defense increases.

His bold, progressive record on foreign policy and ability to connect with rural communities are why he’s the best choice to defeat Trump.

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