America has a fever, and those left standing can claim to be of the body and not the red rash. Check out the new video!

Under Mismanagement | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 21
Michigan’s cup runneth over, the re-opening smells of Musk, the Big Apple rots, and the twitch in Twitch’s eye.
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A Serious Beef | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 20
Kaiju sized Vespas, Lion Ted bites producers, CBS failed their test, and Scathing’s rage rises without his Wendy’s.
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Lawful Evil | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 19
Flynn flies forth, Kim is not kill, Twitter pretends to believe Joe, and green people are oppressed.
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No Snitch'n | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 18
I coin the word "stimps", Marvin's be starve'n, Cuomo plays pretend, and some funny shit happens in New York City.

Masks Off | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 17
My governor is a bitch, The WHO is feeling blue for not handling the flu, Obama buckles, and Nigerians get no nuggets.

The Havenauts | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 16
Bernie bails, Venezuela’s even worse than usual, Trump eyes the stars, and a lesson in film-making.

Hungry For Power | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 15
Hungary bites down, an investigation into God knows what, the virgin navy vehicles vs the Chad cruise ships, and the shocking discovery that minorities are bigots too.

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So I may have tried to trick some bernie-bros into donating their corona relief money to their dear leader on April Fool's day, so what? It's not like I was trying to take their money. The humorlessness of YouTube and its inquisitors is sad.

A Taste of the Future | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 14
Something sexy this way comes, we all breath easier, powdered sugar from across the border, and folks just like Biden for his body.
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Strained Relations | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 13
Trading blows, Italy's slow burn, how to set the mood to repopulate the Earth, and I may or may not have shagged a redditor's wife.

Treatment of SIMP-toms | ScathingTake News Corner Episode 12

Europe can’t cross the pond, the Greeks evoke Ares, meat can’t be beat, and a lesson on SIMPs and how not to be one.

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Highly Unethical | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 9
A pause on paws in soup, radiation is bad for you, Twitter talks perfecting mankind, and Nords won't eat the bugs.

What's In A Meme? | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 8
Yara-chan joins the fun, the importation of crime, the Yang-Gang's last shabang, and a TED-tier talk about memes.

Helluva Week | ScathingTake News Corner - Episode 7 (Now With C-Virus Updates)
The rebel kingdom, the difficult act of counting, the end of impeachment, and war on sports-ball banter.


Flash-hospitals and new Corona numbers, flush shelves in paradise, Africa gets swarmed, and the death of a heartless piece of shit.

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