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I need a name and a color palette... what do you guys thing? 1, 2, 3 or 4?

A christmas wing-it for UBreadyrice of FA, a cutie OL and IRL. 

Interested in a Xmas themed wing it? Check out my journal:

Commissions are open: rates

Hatched slime-egg adopt for JKJUGGERNAUT of FA. 

Commissions are OPEN! Check out rates here:
I'm currently doing xmas themed wing-its, check out the TOS here:

Background found here:

Hey look guys, I CAN do NSFW! 

A portrait of my brother's worgen huntress and her favorite pet. 

I got the frame from this awesome person: 

Commissions are OPEN! HMU!

A very fun halloween wing-it for a good friend, Zarrok666 of FA. 

Did you know that christmas themed wing-its are available? They so are! Check out details here: 

Better late than never I say. Happy late-o-ween!

I can't get my life together for so here is some old/terrifying art from back in the day. NO JUDGEMENT PLZ

Commissions are open! Rates here:

A halloween wing-it for Sylvana of FA. 

-it commissions are available from now until the end of october! 35 for full/thigh up paint, 25 for full/thigh up cel shade. Contact me for details! 

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