Fronius Dashboard: a Phoenix LiveView application for real-time monitoring of a Fronius inverter. 100% spouse friendly!

Been busy blogging lately too: Cascading multi-level SELECT elements where only the leaf node is sent back to the server:

Just wrote a tool to automate the OTA upload of firmware to a Sonoff DIY device:

Have you never listened to Kokomo?

Or maybe only those of us who listened to it on repeat remember tris as one of the listed places.

How do you get half a stand hour?

Use WatchOS 6 and iOS 13 in a time zone that is offset by 30 minutes from most other time zones.

This is pretty basic stuff to get right, Apple.

...and iOS13.1.1 is out already. Lets see if it fixes the bugs I've noticed.

It seems like maybe Apple sorted out some issues overnight (well, my overnight) related to syncing Reminders over iCloud. Because, for the first time since iOS 13 landed, my three reminders (phone, watch, iMac) all match!

…and this is my Stand Hours for the same day. They don’t match.

Whitney Houston's Estate Announces … wait, Whitney Houston died? How long have I been off Twitter?

9 successful Aussie women share their final Year 12 mark. And whether it actually mattered.

Surprise surprise: it doesn’t matter if you are a podcaster or model. Who would’ve thunk it?

Help me pollute a phishing site's database.

(Suggestions for password algorithm welcomed too: faker's password seems too complex).

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