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Ohhh no, this is a good and fun and real community account here so I gotta fix my yet again.

Hi, I'm Schneid! born, home. I produce and content for fun and profit. I also care a lot about HR and Org Development, and I want to make workplaces that don't suck.™️

Used to be a film guy and I had a few viral Twitter things you may have seen. (Or not!)

Will share lots of , , , and . Also selfies and cat pics

Say Hi, friends!

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"What are your podcasts about, Marty?"
Well, friends, have you ever wondered what The Andy Griffith Show actually IS and how it invaded the mindset of a generation?

No? Well, you should listen to Breaking Mayberry anyway, where we try to get some perspective through classic TV and lose our damn minds as we discover that the 1960s were fucked up:


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Is job-hunting awful? Wish you could be better at it? Tired of uploading resumes just to be asked to fill in all the information FROM that resume? "Why Won't You Hire Me?" is the podcast for you.

Every episode talks about , , and issues - told by the people who are looking for work RIGHT NOW. Reminding people that they're not alone and should work for what they're worth:

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Schneid on .social - charming, boyish, slightly innocent, approachable and fun, takes cooking classes, take him home to meet your mom

Schneid on bofa - a rebel, a bad boy, toots about socialisms and the weed. probably rides a motorcycle and does wheelies while shitposting.

One year I was dressed as Bugs Bunny and he asked me if I could be any kind of food what food would I be, and I said a carrot so that I, Bugs Bunny, could eat myself, and then he gave me a full-sized KitKat.

And yeah, that was a weird thing for me to say, but also that's a weird fucking question to ask a child. There is nothing about that interaction that isn't completely fucking weird, deal with it.

When I was a kid there was some dude who thought he was goddamn Halloween Chuck Klosterman or some shit and he'd ask trick-or-treaters riddles or hypothetical questions and if he liked the answers, he'd give us more candy, like it was a job interview. Fuck that guy.

As I grow older, most of my hobbies and interests stem from the realization that I am completely useless when society collapses.

Is there a thing like Boy Scouts but it's for grown-ass men who spent their childhoods playing Sonic the Hedgehog and should really have learned to sew a button or tie some knots or identify poison ivy or some shit, let's be real?

Me when a Chopped contestants says "I'm going to use the ice cream machine!"

Again, I have no idea what went down and it'll probably turn out that I'm accidentally defending a pedophile or some shit, but as someone who has been an online community mod:

Ya'll need to learn to cut people some fucking slack. Christ.

I have literally no idea why you are all mad at the admin of the instance that you all went to when you got mad at the admin of the instance that you all went to when you got mad at the admin of this instance.

This place is ridiculous and lol, it was supposed to be oh-so-fun like six weeks ago.

Man, Mastodon is basically a great example of WHY Twitter could never work with human moderators.

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we have no proof that dinosaurs couldn't talk.

just because they didn't have a written language doesn't mean they didn't have a spoken language

As I understand it, the purpose of Mastodon is to collect messages from people saying they're going to another part of Mastodon.

I like editing podcasts where I'm interviewing people because it gives me a chance to study and correct my own conversational habits.

Sometimes I hear the playback of of myself saying something I thought was good-natured in the interview, only to realize how condescending it sounds afterwards.

Spending my afternoon cleaning the bathroom and kitchen with Barkeeper's Friend, then baking some high-protein oatmeal cups for snacks and cauliflower-egg breakfast cups in my newly cleaned kitchen. Because I am a Domestic Warrior and you will respect me.

So I guess I'm gonna have to go back to Twitter to talk today cause y'all are a bunch of nerds, huh?

So, I lost my job last week. I knew it was coming but thought I had another couple of weeks left. I can't say a lot of details because there's still union stuff going on. But it really, really, sucks.

I'm worried and frustrated and I feel like I'm getting too old/full of debt to bounce back from things.

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"queer culture" is "literally anything more than one queer person tweets about."

"queer culture" is "literally anything more than one queer person tweets about."

Will probably see it after BlacKKKlansman and Crazy Rich Asians, tbh.

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