Evil naked 

Evil people will rule to abuse children, but the people of God rule to protect them.

Blessed is the man that walks in the way of righteousness for his happiness will overflow is house.



Sometimes we are motivated by someone to hate others, but when we see this kind of people is better to keep them away. If this people are your friends or jobs, then just dump them; however, if this kind of people are your family then explain that love is your way and that you can't hate others.

Follow the way and He will blessed you.

Voting for any Democrat will give us the same misery. Trump did the economy amazing while president.

He was right in the majority of things he spoked about. I believe we should go all in voting republican.

However, may the will of God be done.

God so love the world that he gave his only son as a pay for their sin. He sent Jesus Christ, his son, to show us the way.

Life doesn't have to be a lonely path any more. The kingdom of God is here. God is seeking those who wants freedom. @Scoaband


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