It’s too hot to wear a bra and too hot to not wear a bra. What.s a girl to do?

And he ran away a second time today. Great. My stupid brother and his stupid wife still stupidly think it will all get better and won’t countenance anything that we can do to protect him from himself

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So my dad who has got dementia has gone walkabout from his care home twice in as many days. Thankfully so far the places he has rocked up have found ways of identifying contacts so he could be brought back but YIKES

kiddo described the batcave in the new Batman as "a divorced dad garage." He has a bright posting future ahead

Just got high-fived by a finance manager at work so I guess I’m making allies

Morning. I managed to get out of the house only 20 minutes later than i planned and left my lunch in the kitchen. However I’m wearing my special procurement manager shirt so not all is bad

We’re taking the internet back from the corporates! Party like it’s the 1st of October, 1994!

Drinking nice tonic water actually doesn’t need gin.

Ah, now I can log in on my phone after all. So no new account required (yet)

So where do I find the mastodon equivalent of shark twitter?


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