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So Going To Keep This As My Main Pin & Replace Last One :)

I Suffer Forms Of ODD OCD Habits/Triats ,That Started For No Real Reasons Or Was A Reason Years Ago, Yet Repeating Pattern It Becomes 2nd Nature Wether I Like Or Not :/

Like My Typing Style :/

I May Be Offline/Away For Hours To Days, & Then Suddenly Post, Share, Interact, Etc,

Boost Myself & Star 🌟 Favourite, & Same For Topics I Really Like/Debating Too, & Won't Always Mean I Agree / Like Topics Always Either,

I Use Star To Bookmark

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Of My Twitter Bio & Profile This Evening ,Been Twitter Member Since: 2009 , & Found Out About This Evening Too, After Elon Musk Bought Twitter To Control & For His Own Ego Too :/ :(

Real men don't stand around and do nothing while innocent children get murdered.

@rootfs ,When Not Tired I May Look Into This,

That Way I Can Post More From Mastodon / Mastodon.Social, & Automatically Post To Twitter.Com Too :) 😀

Also Screenshot'ed Something Similar, Unless Same People :/ 🤔

Added Screenshot Too :) 😀

For those who are joining Mastodon and want to still post on Twitter/Mastodon and have it appear on the other site, I heavily recommend this:

Partygate: Dominic Cummings says Met Police never sent him a questionnaire about Downing Street lockdown parties

Advice needed: moving instance domain 

So, I have an instance on a subdomain,, and I'm wanting to move to the apex domain,

1. Is it possible to lift-and-shift an instance? If I change the config and update all mentions in any db dumps, would putting a redirecting microservice at the old subdomain work for not breaking old statuses?

2. If not, what's the best way of migrating all my users to new accounts on a new instance?

THANK YOU :heart_parrot:


@welshpixie Oh gees...yell when you need a nice wooden club, I've got some lying around here somewhere!!!

@Nelsonkel You're still DMing me. Talk to me outside of DMs in public, or not at all.

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In which we live in a dictatorship and Johnson is a cunt 

@Tattooed_mummy assume that lots of employment contracts will be vulnerable to challenge if it's ok to behave any old how and keep your job

In which we live in a dictatorship and Johnson is a cunt 

Boris Johnson is changing the rules to let ministers avoid resigning if they break the ministerial code, allowing them to apologise or temporarily lose their pay instead.

The prime minister, who is facing claims of breaching the code, published a policy statement on Friday saying it is “disproportionate to expect that any breach, however minor, should lead automatically to resignation or dismissal”.

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