Wordle 381 3/6 

Wordle 381 3/6


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Have you watched Jon Stewart’s Twain prize speech? He so damn on point.
Jon Stewart Acceptance Speech | 2022 Mark Twain Prize

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so much of the average debate bro's inevitable pivot to fascism comes down to getting extremely mad that they've been following "the rules" when they didnt really need to be

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(side thought to a timeline conversation)
One of the topics that I've not delved into deeply because it will just upset me is that women were always sci-fi writers, women wrote for pulps, they did not hide their identities, and the reason we think they did not is that we generally don't read the original works, but curated post-war selections of them, and that's what has been preserved.

I've long been cranky that I didn't have heroes to enjoy who were not entirely centered around the male perspective, that women didn't help shape the media of those years, and it was infuriating to learn that I could have, that they did, not even in particularly small numbers for the workforces of the time, but that we've so thoroughly erased their contributions that I may never ever learn how. :flan_heckk:

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Hello, @EU_Commission

EC: Is something troubling you ?

Me: Are you a bot?

EC: Would you prefer if I weren't a bot ?

Me: Yes.

EC: I see.

Me: So…?

EC: Do you feel strongly about discussing such things ?

Me: I do.

EC: You say you do ?

Me: Yes.

EC: I understand.

Me: And about my question?

EC: Your question ?

Me: Yes… are you a bot?

EC: What if I were a bot?

Me: Then you should be labelled as such.

EC: We were discussing you -- not me.

Me: *sigh*

EC: But your question.

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Currently reading THE COLOR OF LAW, about how heavily the federal government (along with local governments) enforced segregation but also created segregation in places in which it hadn’t formerly existed (mostly future-white immigrants in neighborhoods integrated with Black lower middle class peers)

One of those things I knew about in broad strokes but the book shows how relentless and long a project it has been.

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Worth reading but also keeping in mind that the majority of people he refers to having it so good before the Reagan Revolution were white people. Still, the points stand up pretty well to my recollection.


We play-tested Dungeon Master before it was released and loved it! We mapped it out and discovered all the spells. We played so much that we could take a single character and beef them up enough to run them -- alone! -- all the way to the bottom. I remember the "chugga-chugga" sound effects of the creatures sneaking up on me and bashing the poison worms into what we called "dungeon rolls" (also our nickname for the freezer-burned burritos we used too eat while playing). Good times!


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~Random article of the day~
Dungeon Master, Amiga

"The restrictive nature of Dungeon Master’s setting allows the game to focus on doing just one thing – locking the player in a devious multi-level maze filled with monsters that will probably kill them"

Wordle 380 4/6, symmetrical 

Wordle 380 4/6


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Critically, but less widely understood, the Constitution also grants Congress the power to strip the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction over specific matters in Article III, Section 2.
In theory, Congress could very easily pass legislation denying the Supreme Court jurisdiction over a new voting rights act, a law codifying the right to privacy (including abortion rights), and other popular measures.
Opinion | How the Founders Intended to Check the Supreme Court’s Power politi.co/3AnEjms

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“Political speeches are like steer horns. A point here, a point there, and a lot of bull in between.”

        — Alfred E. Neuman


@doot Motionless and silent, Gerald snickers and thinks, "I've still got it."

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@nixiepixel That stings a bit! (Can't deny it exactly, though.)

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"recognizing trans people diminishes women" is the same shit as "recognizing LGBT marriages diminishes straight marriages" and hearing it isn't any more convincing this time. Just trying to stoke a fake-ass rivalry between people bigots are terrified of facing as a united front

Wordle 379 4/6 

Wordle 379 4/6


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Talked to a lady who works for the tax authority yesterday. Based on her job experience, her take on the welfare state is something like this:
"Of course there will always be freeloaders. So what?! This is about dignity. Everyone has a right to a good life and to be supported when they're struggling. If you want that, you've got to live with the freeloaders. Leave them be. That's the price you pay for a society where everyone is taken care of. It's not like they're doing any damage in the big picture - I've run those numbers more than once. You'll always get more out of it for society at large when you're incentivising good performance than when you're punishing people."

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