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When the sunrise breaks orange and red
This old saw is commonly said:
Red sky in the morning
Sailors take warning
But the rest of us just stay in bed

“Oh, please? Just one kiss?” The frog pleaded, holding back desperation. “It’s only my curse that keeps me different from you! I make no claims on you past the kiss.”

After a thoughtful pause, the other leaned in close and placed the barest touch of a kiss on the frog’s cool smooth head. A small *pop*, a faint puff of steam, then stunned silence as they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Curses! Foiled again!”

The newly transformed frog leapt away in panic.

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If we *don't* let them face the backlash for their words and actions we're prioritizing comfort of the privileged over the discomfort of the marginalized. We trade accountability for continued oppression.

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When someone expresses racism, xenophobia, or authoritarianism in public, they SHOULD face backlash. We do not need sympathy for those facing such backlash -- that's things working as they should! Reserve your sympathy for racism's millions & millions of victims.


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For real though: this is literally just the beginning. This constituency isnt going anywhere unless forcibly removed from this planet. Make what you will of that information

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Looks like you need a spiral galaxy. NGC 4254 / Messier 99 from's PHANGS-HST program.

He woke up, blinking the eternal sleep out of his eyes. His blurry, sleep-addled vision took them in, flickering candle light casting erratic shadows.

“What.” He croaked. He saw the confused looks on their faces.

“Oh, it’s October again, isn’t it? Who were you after?”

“We were calling on the spirit of…” one of them started.

“You mispronounced it. I’m Sam Hane. Leave me alone.”

As he faded out he heard one of them say, “I told you you were saying Samhain wrong!”

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"Why isn't there more footage of monsters?"
"What do you mean?"
"People always talked about seeing monsters, but couldn't prove it. Now that everyone carries a camera, we should see lots of films of them."
"We do."
"We do?"
"It's just not the monsters some of us were expecting."

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I spotted a cat when I was out for a walk.
"Oh, hello there," I said, "aren't you handsome?"
"Yes, I am," the cat said.
"Whoa! You can talk?"
"I was a prince once, but so selfish and vain a witch cursed me into this form."
"How can you break the curse?"
"Why would I?"

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The necklace had been passed down for generations; though sometimes it was a ring, and sometimes a bracelet. It changed for each person with no obvious pattern. It didn't seem to possess any other magic.

On my 18th birthday, the family gathered around to see what form it would take for me.

"My word!" My grandma exclaimed.

"I suppose it's technically a ring," her wife reasoned.

I slipped the brass knuckles on.

They fitted perfectly.

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🐭 @deejvalen

Today was a good day. Yes, very good. Many new things found! A thimble. Some plastic beads. A couple of copper coins. Carefully, she added them to the little pile and sat back, twitching her whiskers contentedly.

Yes, her hoard was starting to look good! It already filled her little burrow. Happily, she climbed onto the pile of tiny, shiny treasures and lay down, coiling her tail around herself.

Drifting off to sleep, she dreamed once more, of being a dragon.


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