I won a Game of Thrones deadpool and I really need to just put it aside to start a PC build

Getting away from alcohol as a hobby has really helped me dive back into shit infused to love like DBZ and Pokemon

Political affiliation:
⬜ Democrat
⬜ Republican
☑️ Ooey Gooey So Soft 'N Chewy

Where do I find people who also love wrestling cuz AEW got a TV deal on TNT which is neat af cuz that's where WCW started with Nitro

How do I make internet friends when I have internet social anxiety

there are four spiders inside of you and they're all named Toby

Kinda want vampires to get popular in media again but as terrifying monsters like they're supposed to be

I wish I wasnt so bad at trying to build a computer

I miss playing all my shit on steam

This game makes me wanna download that DBZ pokemon hybrid hack thingy again

Wonder if they ever added SS God to it

Women's Locker room: *discussions of intersectional feminist theory and the inevitable downfall of the cis-patriarchy*

Men's Locker room:

I didn't know berries didn't have proper names in Gen 2 but I guess PSNCUREBERRY is a pretty straightforward hint to what the fuck it might do

I miss hanging out with people in real life. I can't even make it to the local commie meetings cuz I'm not gonna try and keep two toddlers quiet during all that.

Super Saiyan Manectric is almost as gross looking as Twin Engines Latios but he fucks hard

Are video games less fun than they used to be or is that the depression

Was Gen 3 harder than Gen 7 or was I just an udiot child

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