WARREN: How many political campaigns is this for you, Mayor?

BUTTIGIEG: Thirty-eight... simulated.

GABBARD: How many *actual* campaigns?

BUTTIGIEG: Uh, two. Including this one.

anyone remember when Ru Paul tried to say he wasnt transphobic by posting some tweet that had the trans flag in it but he clearly misspelled "trans" in Google so he posted a "trains" flag instead

The gender neutral version of Goth gf is


Addiction CWs/Death 

Let's please be respectful of people who have struggled with and are currently struggling with addiction. Even if your comments are aimed at someone else, sometimes a person in a dark place can be affected by them. Please CW overdose and addiction content.

I say this as someone who has struggled with alcohol and rx drugs, when celebrities die it can honestly trigger relapse and feelings of hopelessness. When Amy Winehouse died *several* people I knew started using again.

fukken scientology of cars, fucking steam early access assed cars

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fav this toot if youre in support of canceling any further birthdays bu the birthday tyrant @citrustwee@bofa.lol

boost this toot if you think there should be repercussions for this despotic birthday oppression

boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
that's why wage theft
should be a crime

cop unions aren’t real unions and should never be defended or protected pass it on

I don't think bofa is bad, but it is a bad sign that one of Laurelai's former minions is now in a moderator position.
She's one of the two people I blocked first thing I saw from them.

CW: the r word 

Folks: shitposting is fun -- lord knows I engage in it enough. But please please please reconsider using the term "retard," "libtards," "retarded," etc. Even ironically. The r-word is a hideous slur against people with intellectual disabilities. It doesn't matter if you're not using it against someone with an ID; you're still normalizing the slur used against a particularly vulnerable population. Don't do that. Please do better. ❤️

The bouncer squints skeptically at the ID. "This really you?" he asks, half-jokingly.

"Well, no, it's not," Magritte says, "it's a representation of--"


instead of "I'm gonna cum" try screaming "the end is nigh" they love it

I love summer because I love being naked but I love winter because I love being cozy.

boost for "fuck landlords", fav for "fuck landlords". you can do both but it doesn't stack

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Laurelai Bailey, predatory behavior, abuse 

Laurelai's attempt to smear Bofa.lol as transphobic is multi-functional:

It silences and stifles an instance where the admins and users are largely aware of her schemes and abuses, and it makes a rift between the trans folks that are (a very significant) part of Bofa's community.
Laurelai is someone who preys on trans folks and uses her social clout to silence her victims. Trying to silence bofa and label them untrustworthy encourages folks migrate away

Governance: instance suspensions. 

Okay, kitty.town and mastodon.starrevolution.org are now suspended.

Laurelai Bailey is an accused serial rapist with documented credible accusers. She is already suspended. mastodon.starrevolution.org is her instance. kitty.town is an instance with a mutual blocking arrangement with hers.

In addition, each have pressed a case against bofa.lol to the point of insinuating a Jewish antifascist is cryptofash.

i've crunched the numbers and it turns out that cis people dont exist

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