One Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection - Armstrong, Virding


In this paper we present a simple scheme for reclaiming data for such language classes with a single pass mark-sweep collector. We also show how the simple scheme can be modified so that the collection can be done in an incremental manner (making it suitable for real-time collection).

#garbagecollection #compsci #paperswelove

My biggest concern with Mastodon is that my account is tied to this specific instance. What happens if @ashfurrow turns it off?

When you mean to put on Chris Bell for a little mellow but accidentally put on Pantera's Fucking Hostile.

Had to refresh my timeline 4 times to see all the toots that I know are supposed to be there. d'oh.

In particular, toots disappearing from my TL that I know should be there.

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So far, I think the features of Mastodon but its been a little janky in terms of things breaking.

Dear baby jesus,

Here are my shoes. They don't smell so hot, but they never read the news.


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