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SOOOOO excited for whats to come for Cardano! Great job everyone so far!

Accelerate urban action for a carbon-free world🌏
How can #Cardano achieve zero-carbon? Reforestation with @veritree_!
We invite individuals in the community & organizations to join other urban donors to help plant #1MillionTrees💚

According to this Twitter user: "Grabbed Vapor, the codename for Amazon's Steam competitor. Seems to intigrate most of Twitch's features as well as a bunch of game specific support like fortnite and pubg." It seems is also making a game of their own.

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There are now rumors of a second leak still coming. We still don't fully know what the first one contained, but we at least know this much:

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The aftertaste of these bagels reminds me of the smell of a humidifier. 🤔

Report: Senior officials inside the CIA & Trump administration discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels”

Which one was your first #GNU/#Linux distribution? 💻

"It's not just creative. It's a revolutionary idea."

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Samsung limits my phone to 80% max charge because I am running a custom rom. They also disable the cameras when unlocking the bootloader on the new Samsung foldable. No SD cards anymore and INSANE amounts of tracking in simple system apps. Will never buy a recent Samsung device again. Samsung should be ashamed. @Samsung

Remember kids, tolerating intolerance is not tolerance.

This is a periodic reminder, that the editor is called Ex, and "vi" is just a command to start it in visual mode. There never was an editor called Vi.

Is like the old saying: Windows assumes you're an idiot, but Linux requires a proof

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