Watching a Mies van der Rohe videos on youtube. I really love this architect! ❤

Reading the 1st chapter my therapist told me to read: "Ah, easy peasy, not really relating to stuffs described here, but it's still good general knowledge in my mental health toolbox..."

Reading the 2nd chapter my therapist yold me to read: "OMFG I JUST WANNA SCREAM, EACH LINE RELATES TO ME, MY BRAIN HURTS WITH ALL THE CONNEXIONS... 🤯😭🤯"


Therapy. Gotta love it!


from my current reading of what I call "the Davids" (Graeber & Wengrow's "The Dawn of Everything") it seems the idea of "collapse" is itself fraught.

It looks like a catastrophe when empires stopping doing their imperial things when viewed with an imperial outlook.

From outside of this perspective, it's the rise & intrusion of imperialism in the first place that's the disaster.

The Davids present very good cause to doubt the entire premise of those first few paragraphs.

Installed my air conditioning on May 13th.

This is not normal 😐

"The stock markets isn't real... it's tupperware for men"