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It would be cool if there was a machine-readable way to represent various Mastodon server rules.

Then they could not only be filtered by such rules on directories like, but apps could display summaries when displaying a sign up screen.

I imagine it might work a bit like rubocop rule names (e.g. "Style/FrozenStringLiteralComment") but I don't know how practical this idea is. Don't take this as me planning to do it, just sharing thoughts.

We have decided to move nodes over to There will be a link somewhere on this page that will redirect you there now. See ya!

Trying to look up a and a node to join. Anyone got any ideas on what nodes I should join?

$2B valuations are never a good sign. I find it ominous. Could an integrated games store and Discord Nitro ever be enough to meet those expectations? I don't think so.

@aclevo may be finally moving away from birdsite (Twitter) to local totally on other platforms. More information soon!


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