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@Gargron Voting for the toot button to be a small fartcloud.

@Gargron blood from your ears is not normal. Go see a doctor.

New doctor announced, let's have fun with it!

@Gargron he flew into a wizard metal shop and never figured how to get it off.

@Gargron it is hard to find someone at the same MMR as you who also wants to climb

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@Gargron and It might be nice to have some sort of merged local timeline from multiple instances

@Gargron Not sure if I want a browser tab open for every instance i'm on.

@Gargron This was the interesting technical part that fascinated me when I found out.

Making money while enjoying yourself is difficult.

Euls is now core on Kunkka for the SHARKNADO

I'll guess I'll use this for now. My first DOTA rant: plz no report.