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A painting for my DM - a #tiefling named Shivarie. Unfortunately I hit the deadline and couldn't put any more time into the BG. You can see the full version on my Tumblr (dagoth)! #dnd #art #mastoart #creativetoots

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Does anyone know any Twitch devs? Why don't Twitch clip pages have <link rel='alternate' type='application/json+oembed' ref='...'> in the header? Twitch does support OEmbed after all - just not discovery..?

Gordon freeman is an ass and we won't be working with him again.

No release date on the new DOTA2 heroes. So they get released after TI or a long while after. Lets hope for the first option.

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Which means that server admins start moving energetically after Gargron make new release.
Cans are canned Mackerel(さば缶).
Mackerel(鯖(saba)) is slang for server.
can(缶) is acronym for admin(管理者(kanrisya)).
So, canned Mackerel(鯖缶) = server admin.

The new mastodon login button design/location is far superior.

New doctor announced, let's have fun with it!

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Making money while enjoying yourself is difficult.

Euls is now core on Kunkka for the SHARKNADO

I'll guess I'll use this for now. My first DOTA rant: plz no report.

Is there an tweetlonger for mastodon?