This is one of my favorite posts about Jeff Bezos' terrifyingly incomprehensible amount of wealth. It's also out of date, his net worth is now ~$163b.

love the neoliberal era where you can’t exercise any political power except buying woke things

The Wonderful 101
Night in the Woods
Super Mario Galaxy

bad star trek man 

bad star trek man 

Joel from Vinesauce turned me onto this band that sounds like Skeletor started a power metal band, it’s awesome

comedians being idiots 

Big Boi gushing about Kate Bush is the best 5 minutes you’ll spend all day

Catholic church 

Man, the episode of Laser Time where the hosts swap stories about how horrible their middle school experiences were is bringing back some horrible flashbacks

birdsite politics, general frustration 

Sometimes my brain gestates some neat ideas so here’s a freebie: a Cyberpunk noir with Lakeith Stanfield as a private detective with a disdain for the police investigating a series of killings when law enforcement won’t, with a score by Susumu Hirasawa.

mental health shit 

Prison Strike - ABOLITION NOW 

Support the ! Prison labor is legalized slavery and it's far past time that we confront its destructive effects.

The has started. Already, it has spread into Canadian prisons, as US officials have moved to lock down whole states in the lead up to the strike. On the outside, people are gearing up to take to the streets in solidarity.

Watching this spooky video and then having that illusion shattered by the BTS video showing that the guy is just good at practical fx really is something

just a thought about avengers 

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