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Small Miracles. SuperDels no longer get to vote on first ballot.

Y'mean... they want to destroy... BOREDOM?

Cripes, look at that friggin' house. My generation damn near went insane growing up in Beaver Cleaver and Brady Bunch houses, are you kidding?

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You know what’s cooler than fact checking Bernie’s assertions about some Dumb libertarian study that only exists to point at a ‘big’ price tag??

———>Playing Dr. Bernie<———

This is one of the most important things on the internet always and forever.

mastodon is the kind of place where if you were publicly humiliated for spilling baked beans on yourself at a cartoon movie people would console you and lift your broken spirits

Who here suffers from Post Twitter Stress Disorder?

Me And My Mom Are Going To Vermont By The Way She Booked The Hotel Room And Everything I Can't Wait I'm So Excited!!!

water as a human right 

water as a human right 

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