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Nina speakin truth yet again! No matter how busy a day she had, she took time to set the record straight on her sister @TulsiGabbard@twitter.com
“some of this is revenge for supporting the senator in 2016 and calling out the DNC”

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The only downside to these rally streams is that they can never seem to show the full size of the crowd. I need some aerial or higher-perspective shots! The crowd sounds massive and I bet the crowd is still filing in.

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@TweetingYarnie@twitter.com @Ninma_@twitter.com It was incredible, @TweetingYarnie@twitter.com! As exciting as the I attended nearby on the eve of the in 2016. Wish all of you could’ve been there w/us, but know you were there in spirit if not!

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This is the largest crowd size of any Dem candidate, because I don't f-ing about Trumps crowd size. I really don't care if he has 100,000 pr 2. I'm only interested in one candidate. I'm hyper focused on Bernie.

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Amazing! Bernie Sanders' rally in Queens, NY, drew a crowd size of about 25,872. This is the largest of any presidential candidate so far this campaign season. With that crowd size, it's safe to say and is ready to go the distance.

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Hillary Clinton: It was “a pretty good idea” to create Al-Qaeda.

Then she helped bring mass destruction and death to and by arming, funding and training these very same terrorists.

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@abewilliamsdp@twitter.com @wanderlustyogi@twitter.com @TulsiGabbard@twitter.com I made this meme a few weeks ago, but didn't tweet it out. Now's a good time to do that I think. Hope you, @vrin_davan@twitter.com & the blameless patriot @TulsiGabbard@twitter.com like it.⤵️
is pure evil.
America needs

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Thank you, @AOC@twitter.com and @IlhanMN@twitter.com for helping to keep this movement going. twitter.com/CarlBeijer/status/

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If youre anti -poverty you should be pro- @Wikileaks@twitter.com!

And be standing up & defending my son, @Wikileaks@twitter.com founder Julian Assange!

He is being brutally persecuted, prosecuted & tortured in unlawful detention for investigative journalism!
defend.wikileaks.org twitter.com/wlpress/status/242

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Just got home from the Rally!!! The crowd was enormous, the energy was palpable , and @AOC@twitter.com drove home every point as to why @BernieSanders@twitter.com is the only reason why our movement even exists. We will win!

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AOC: "I support Bernie Sanders for fighting for single payer healthcare for all people."

Centrists: "But Hillary Clinton already covered SOME people including you, why don't you thank her?"

Leftists/Progressives: "What about *ALL* people don't you understand?" twitter.com/neeratanden/status

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I couldn’t sleep b/c I was up reflecting on the perfection of

It was magical & that’s why I’ve decided to endorse @BernieSanders@twitter.com for POTUS! It’s clear there’s no other choice

I apologize to my followers for being so vague about my endorsement until now. 😉😁

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I was there. It was Inspiring. It was emotional. It was powerful. I felt the Thank you @BernieSanders@twitter.com and @aoc@twitter.com @MMFlint@twitter.com @ninaturner@twitter.com & others for this inspiring movement xPG

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“Hillary Clinton”
A Haiku,
By: Tulsi Gabbard

Queen of Warmongers
Corruption embodiment
Personifies Rot

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Good night, , until tomorrow, after I phonebank in two languages. Sweet dreams of Bernie walking into @AOC@twitter.com's arms, to the tune of Back In Black. Rock on! Pa'lante!

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