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continue to be ignored across corporate media
While @JoyAnnReid@twitter.com & @maddow@twitter.com BOTH spread false stories on the Nobel Prize winning


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REMINDER: The $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill IS OVER 10 YEARS. It's not even remotely enough.

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Fuck @joebiden@twitter.com for taking UI away from me & thousands of other people basically overnight.

A week ago I had the option of reporting my new @SocialistRA@twitter.com income (which was less than I was getting in ui, so I could still TRY and keep getting it), with benefits left till 2022. Fml

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“You should vote for Trump,” Joe Biden tells @CosechaMovement@twitter.com protester Carlos Rojas at tonight’s town hall in Greenwood, S.C.

Rojas and other protesters from the group were criticizing Obama-era deportations and asked Biden to say he’d end all deportations — which he rejected.

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@SenseOf_OUTRAGE@twitter.com @DrGJackBrown@twitter.com @BrendaWeese@twitter.com Wyoming is a state with such small sparsely distributed population. 710 missing people in a decade seems disproportionately high.

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Abbiamo lettori in Italia così disinformati da credere che il regime di Saddam supportava al Qaeda: una delle panzane (di Tony Blair) per giustificare guerra Iraq. Fu usata la falsa confessione sotto tortura di Ibn al-Sheik al-Libi.
Lo ricostruisco nel mio libro

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Progressive support for Palestinian rights is growing in Congress, and this latest victory is a sign that unquestioned US backing for the Israeli military, and its atrocities against Palestinians, is shrinking.

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The extra $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome was added by Congressional leadership to a must-pass funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, and is in addition to the nearly $4 billion the US government already sends to the Israeli military every year.

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BREAKING: Progressive lawmakers in the US House of Representatives successfully removed an extra $1 billion in weapons to the Israeli military. This is a notable victory for Palestinian human rights!

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@SenseOf_OUTRAGE@twitter.com @DrGJackBrown@twitter.com @BrendaWeese@twitter.com @JoyAnnReid@twitter.com You have a platform. You can call attention to the girls and women the media has forgotten and ignored. You have the power to tell their stories.

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From Texas to Georgia, from the lower courts to the Supreme Court — we will not stop fighting for our right to get an abortion. news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-w

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The pharmaceutical industry, over the last 20 years, has spent over $4.5 billion dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions. They have hundreds of lobbyists on Capitol Hill right now to fight any bill that will lower the cost of prescription drugs.

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The US has had a long term policy of economic espionage against France exposed by WikiLeaks, including the interception of all French corporate contracts & negotiations valued at more than $200 million Link: wikileaks.org/nsa-france/spyor

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US Border Patrol agents try to stop Haitian migrants entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande in Del Rio, Texas.

US says it will ramp up deportation flights for migrants flooding into Del Rio as authorities scramble to alleviate a burgeoning crisis

📸Paul Ratje

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