Pokemon sw/sh commentary 

My ideal Democratic ticket is Elizabeth Warren's Dog/Marianne Williamson

complaining about people complaining about people complaining about Pokemon sw/sh 

Hey, could you all please CW politics and other stuff that might destroy one's faith in humanity, so one can avoid it on here on bad brain days?
Also, please don't boost un-CWd politics.
Thank you

"Sonic the rawhog, master of the Olympic fuck village."

move over, Cellar Door

Brooklyn Steel can fuck off tbh. Go be overly large with shitty sightlines and gendered bathrooms somewhere else

Angering the nerds by insisting that PC Gamer means Politically Correct Gamer and it's always been that way

Folks talk about how "all cops are bastards" as though Terry Jeffords isn't a real person

Concept: Merch that has the Mastodon elephant saying "DMs are stored in the balls"

Concept: we pretend Sword and Shield don't exist and make fangames that you can transfer your old Pokemon to instead

Oh wow, the YouTube site says Brave is a "non-authorized" application now and is making me do a captcha just to watch a video.

self-depreciating joke 

People put butter in their coffee? Who are these people? I want to meet one of them and interrogate them.

complaining about pokemon sw/sh 

complaining about pokemon sw/sh 

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