Decide to try Linux as a main OS for work. With a bit of advice from my twitter pal decide to try Pop!_OS. Looks awesome and works smoothly. System fonts look great, the material design-like theme also looks good. Laptop running Pop!_OS amazingly fast comparing with Windows setup. Already almost a month have passed, but I still enjoying my new setup. Turning on my MacBook Pro only a couple times during this period.

And after this change was forced to move back to Spotify. Amazing streaming service. I fall in love with it because of great and precise recommendations. While using Apple Music I'm missing for a feature that allows switching playing music to the other device.

But the advantage of Apple Music comparing Spotify is the ability to upload your own music into iCloud Music Library. For example, today, while driving to office, I listen King Crimson. Those albums are outside both streaming services, but I’ve got some CD’s that was imported to my library long time ago. Unfortunately, with Spotify I’m not able to listen my old records, but with Apple Music I can.


BTW, my seeking for King Crimson in Spotify had a great side effect. I have discovered a really awesome playlist with songs that very similar to King Crimson style.

This music definitely not for each day. However, now, while the bus carries us to Stockholm, it sounds awesome! 🎶

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