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Before our flight to Stockholm, 🇸🇪 I have ordered a special offer for roaming from my carrier. Just for $10, I will be able to consume 1.5 Gb of data (and I hope this will be LTE compatible speeds, not 3G like it were last time) abroad. I think this is awesome! 🔥🔥🔥

Ha, @github forcing us to develop stuff in even more lazy way. They are introduced right now Draft Pull Requests. I think it's good so far for sharing some ideas, but most will use it definitely for not this.

BTW, since Microsoft snatch GitHub there happen good things. For example, now I'm able to use it with much more pleasure because they offer private repos for free for up tree contributors. 🔥️🔥️🔥

for all the shit people give Gargron, you do have to recognize that he was so moved by the abuses of proprietary social media services that instead of working for a tech company and becoming part of the problem, he did something about it.

yes. Gargron is not perfect. but, none of us are. there is no single person who is absolutely free of sin.

yes. there's a lot of things I disagree with him about, like the 300k user instance that is, and the way half of Mastodon's features are designed.

but that doesn't change the fact that he chose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. and so, as part of my yearly review of what I'm sponsoring on Patreon I decided to give him some of those resources.

So, there is one day left before our trip to Stockholm, 🇸🇪. Can’t wait it, I’m tired and need to relax.

But the advantage of Apple Music comparing Spotify is the ability to upload your own music into iCloud Music Library. For example, today, while driving to office, I listen King Crimson. Those albums are outside both streaming services, but I’ve got some CD’s that was imported to my library long time ago. Unfortunately, with Spotify I’m not able to listen my old records, but with Apple Music I can.

This comparison was performed in December 2017. Since that time AWS update their hardware and DB performance increased significantly. Probably they are faster now comparing GCP. Google also updating its hardware at the current time, so will be interesting to see a comparison of the competitors after this upgrade.

With the Opportunity mars-rover program has gone entire epoch. I have discovered that this mars-rover for many people was the whole world. They are spent the most important part of their lives to participate in this program & push it forward. This robot boosts human science for almost fifteen years in a raw instead of planned ninety days. But now it's time to say good buy to Oppy. This is really sad.

I have reviewed MateBook X Pro just right now and willing to ask when Huawei start to building such a nice laptops? According to pictures this model looks extremely attractive and have powerful and awesome hardware inside (except old LPDDR3 memory of course).

What would be a fair rate limit for toot deletions?

Current limit of 300 per 5 minutes is too high, because of the performance cost of a deletion. Some third party tools for mass deletions do not pace themselves adequately and cause issues, so I believe this must be enforced at API level.

Huh, here we go. I don’t need storage sharing, but for YouTube Premium family accounts will be just what I need. 😊

TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

Faced funny issue on Linux. It only appears if two devices connected to the same Bluetooth headphones. After switching music on Spotify from iPhone to the laptop, sound plays a couple seconds from the headset and disappearing. The issue can be fixed by playing any sound outside Spotify on the laptop. macOS comparing Linux seems to me super-stable operating system.

Spent one and half hour in the traffic jam. This is my personal record so far.

Sometimes we need to make a brake instead of braking everything.

And after this change was forced to move back to Spotify. Amazing streaming service. I fall in love with it because of great and precise recommendations. While using Apple Music I'm missing for a feature that allows switching playing music to the other device.

Decide to try Linux as a main OS for work. With a bit of advice from my twitter pal decide to try Pop!_OS. Looks awesome and works smoothly. System fonts look great, the material design-like theme also looks good. Laptop running Pop!_OS amazingly fast comparing with Windows setup. Already almost a month have passed, but I still enjoying my new setup. Turning on my MacBook Pro only a couple times during this period.

For some reasons yesterday Let’s Encrypt certificate suddenly became untrusted in the Mail app around 11:00 AM on my iPhone X with the latest iOS version. On the iPad all works fine. Both devices running under iOS 11.2.6. The issue has been solved only by manually adding root certificate from Let’s Encrypt website to the iPhone X. Can someone explain to me why this happen?

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