my content is 33% saying racy things, 33% nauseating selfies, and 33% openly weeping

Just logging back into the old .social account to give a hearty “fuck white people!” in solidarity, before I head back to bofa we’re everyone is aware that you can’t be racist against white people. But that if you could you still should. Because fuck white people.

rant on wilw, transphobia 

if you think it’s cool that Eugen is saying it’s bad that wilw got ran off here bc “he didn’t do anything wrong on mastodon”, ask yourself if he’d say the same if a known white supremacist joined + didn’t explicitly say anything racist on here. as a cis dude he’s totally unwilling to acknowledge transphobia as a deadly system of oppression, but rather reduces it to petty interpersonal twitter drama.

hi there please feel free to check out my newsletter piece this week if you are sick of gwb and mccain being rehabilitated thanks

How did "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" become the typical sentence that contains all letters of the alphabet and not "sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow" which is objectively a million times cooler

cop shitpost 

officer: excuse me but im lost, its my first night on the job and well, now its raining and i was wondering if you could give me directions.

me: here let me call you acab

instance drama, screenshots 

this Bofa stuff has all the classic indicators of a Twitter Whisper Campaign

"oh so and so is BAD"
"they just are, I HEARD it"
"What did they do?"
"I'm not sure exactly, but it was BAD"
"who did you hear it from?"
"oh, just someone"

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Brazil's National Museum went up in flames tonight, massive flames at that. It's a total loss, millions of priceless historical artifacts turned to ash in seconds, including a 10,000 year old naturally preserved mummy, the oldest such mummy in the Americas. I am feeling beyond devastated and helpless at this moment. To lose history is to lose our own humanity is to lose everything.

bofa meta drama 

rubes: bofa is a transphobic den of crypto fascists coordinating to undermine mastodon by attacking star trek man


now voting for the most electrifying instance in tood biz
boost for bofa
fav for knzk
reply for
ignore to agree Australia is a social construct

Governance: instance suspensions. 

Okay, and are now suspended.

Laurelai Bailey is an accused serial rapist with documented credible accusers. She is already suspended. is her instance. is an instance with a mutual blocking arrangement with hers.

In addition, each have pressed a case against to the point of insinuating a Jewish antifascist is cryptofash.

drama, jokes vs irony 

JOKE: “back to my job at Dunkin Donuts where I love spitting in police officers’ coffee”. We can distinguish this from toxic irony bc it punches UP power hierarchies rather than reifying them & bc it’s funny when a Proud Boy spends 2 hours on hold with Dunkin Donuts

IRONY: muting an instance w/ a large trans pop that banned a person multiple ppl have accused of rape, at the behest of that SAME rapist, while maintaining that you are motivated by a concern for safety

My home tl it's so much better than local because I follow a lot of bofa people. Everyone on an instance that muted them got screwed.
PS their content is not even remotely as vicious as some of mine.

btw y'all this instance may not remain safe forever or even much longer, eugen is unfortunately lending his ear to a serial rapist known for making spaces unsafe and who knows what will happen. it may be a good idea to start using an account on an instance aligned with your interests and safety.

in particular, i can invite to (and so can anyone on there), and i run which has a strict no-abusers policy. other great options exist as well!

Hey folks, I made a BOFA account because I really don't appreciate being forcibly locked out from seeing folks there, so please follow me over at

Also please boost this as my internet is being throttled and I can't download my most recent csv file so others can find that.

I'm sorry I keep humping ship & asking for yall to refollow😓

long but friendly PSA on fediverse safety, boosts wanted 

hey, folx, in case nobody informed you, instances with bad actor administrators on them are literally a hazard to your safety

i am not attempting to scare you, and i am not exaggerating when i say that what instances you federate your posts to is a very important choice and thing to consider.

i cannot tell you who to trust or not, although if you want i will give you some people i personally do not trust, and thus would personally block, but i can tell you how to take care of yourself.

A) the attached screenshot is a great feature we have on mastodon instances, for forcing instances/users to unfollow you. if you do not trust an instance, for whatever reason, force them to unfollow through this menu!
B) block the people you don't trust. this isn't a great solution, and if your posts still go to that instance because someone on that instance does follow you, it won't do anything if a bad actor administrator wants to spy on you
C) lock your account. it should be more normalized, because it is a big deal to have an unlocked account. if your account is unlocked, a foreign instance might follow you without you even knowing, thanks to fediverse weirdness. this will probably NOT federate private posts, but it will get anything nonprivate, and if say, another intermediate instance has a bad actor administrator who you have let follow you, they could get your private posts with modified server tech. this part is true whether your account is locked or not, but regardless, locking your account gives you more control over who can see your posts and more knowledge of when someone is following you in general. it makes you think before allowing things, which is a positive, even if you don't think too much.
D) think about what you post publically. a lot. anyone can access this, if you do.

take care of yourself, folx.

In the report Wilw sent to me, he says he scoured a person's profile for 20 minutes because the user said "go awf," and reported the guy saying cheeky things about Democratic candidates and for replying to a joke to giant Princess Zelda pee fetish porn.

Not in response to him. Just... posts. Just funny posts.

The dude is a nightmare.

Someone better write a rousing union ballad about

trying to find people I followed on .social, could this kindly be boosted

I have no idea how this works

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