Sneak Preview (1024 bit) of 'Digitales Schlaraffenland - an ode to binary architecture' opening next Friday June 17 in the Container of @klubderkuenste @deichtorhallenhamburg.

The Vernisage is part of the first season of at & together with Nadja Buttendorf and Dasha Ilina hosted by @darsha Hewitt.

More Information:

Taming of chance - investigating into the poetics of zeros and ones and preparing for tomorrow's meetup at @studio.hammerdeich, hosted by Jeanne Charlotte Vogt as part of the first season of at @deichtorhallenhamburg & @kampnagel_hamburg together with Nadja Buttendorfer and Dasha Illina hosted by @darsha.

"Life is a process which may be abstracted from other media markt." John von Neumann

My sound-installation "Lambda-Lambada (zeros and ones)" which was created in the context of the last exhibition "Digital is better" at the Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen is now available digitally:

Upcoming exhibition "Digital is better" at Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen opening 16.7. 7pm with works of Lilith Becker, @darsha Hewitt, Johanna Mangold, Liv Schwenk and myself

Early depiction of a robot by abstract painting pioneer Sophie Taeuber-Arp currently on display at @kunstmuseum Basel

Lektüre von Moritz Riesewieck & Hans Block für mein nächstes Projé fängt gut an!

Two recent Books about & : left, Church of Maxi Priest version, right Agnostic Front

From this vertiginous perspective, it does not matter so much what we are actually: butterfly, human, machine, simulation, or butterfly dream. What really matters is that we love virtually: that is, strive love, or at least care for, those creatures for whom we are responsible within our multifaceted experiences of the world at large. [156] 2/2

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By dispensing with simplistic distinctions between the artificial and real, as well as human and nonhuman, the figure of the Creature allows for an alternative way of thinking about the effective (and affective) relationship of humanity to the whole environment. ... 1/2

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We need to move beyond the myopic love of technology for the entertainment or empowerment that it produces in our heads towards a cosmic love of the diverse creatural forms of life made through our interface with techne. Instead of objectifying and stigmatizing these artificial reflections of our humanity, we might grasp that they are "overlapping and coextensive" with us. [130]

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Favourite quotes from Eileen Hunt Botting's Artificial Life After :
All creatures are artificial, since they are made by their surrounding social and cultural circumstances. [28]
The singularity is a Silicon Valley revival of the Hegelian end-of-history, outfitted in gray T-shirts and hoodies. [58]
[W]e should see AIs neither as mere objects nor as competitor subjects rather as "a vibrant materiality that runs alongside and inside humans." [77]
To be continued as I read along

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