Holy shit-- getting art stuff together right before a convention is so stressful. One day I would like to have everything done and printed and packaged a week before an event. ;_; When we both work jobs it's hard.

@Labov I remember like-- five years ago Arthur and I were barely able to pull this off. Now when we think about it it feels like a fever dream. We're not even in a place of our own anymore-- we've had to move into their parents house and become dank basement dwellers. We haven't cooked an actual meal in a kitchen for two years-- come Febuary. We've also had to sell all our furniture and put our kitchen stuff in a storage unit. OTL This world is a joke.

@Labov I’m so dumb. I figured it out. I didn’t enter in the @ mastodon.social part. fjdbsjsbdjs

@Labov that might be the issue-- I'm not sure what it is. LMFAO

@detectivekg I downloaded tootdon too, but it's not letting me log in. I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing-- it probably is. orz

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Still cannot log into this on my phone. >:c

The only toot is the one that's commin' outta' my butt.


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