aaaand second day on Mastodon and my feed is full of First World Problems again just like Twitter.

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@SexyCyborg Mine, too, although my instance is pretty rocking, bc it got full two days ago. But it's coming...

@SexyCyborg You probably have a pretty unique perspective on this, being who you are, and what you do, where you are... I am curious as to exactly what you consider to be a first-world problem, as my entire knowledge of you is from your reddit posts, and your culture is one that I only experience through the American filter.

Genuine interest in your experience, hopefully not condescending.

@TheGibson Specifics would be rude. It can quickly turn into the oppression olympics- my "problems are worse than yours". A lot of my Internet friends have these problems- and to them it's real, and I am sympathetic because based on their background it's really, really bad. That being said nearly all the outrages that show up in my timeline would represent a vast improvement in my life should they happen to me. That gets exhausting.

@SexyCyborg @TheGibson Its so weird know "My life sucks for me because I'm not fully where I want to be." but at the same time "I have clean water, food, clothing and a house, and I do not fear death or being attacked every day." I hope that mastodon turns more into a positive area than the negative areas of some other social media sites. I want people to focus on what they can do not what they can't do.

@SexyCyborg Understood, and understood.

I find cultural exchange key to combating the socio-political walls erected in ancient times.

FWIW Your work is impressive. I particularly liked the cosmetic case RPi. I believe that was you... was it not?

You make good stuff. Please keep up the work.

@TheGibson Thanks, yup! Pi Palette was me- inspired by you😊

@TheGibson Most of my followers don't connect things like this:
(planned to hand out stickers)

With this:
(Ran around Shenzhen's largest tourist attraction half naked shouting at the crowds about Chinese women not being included at a tech event.)

My talk of "inclusion" could piss off the wrong people at anytime. That's not hurt feelings- that's detention.

@SexyCyborg Understood. Largely a lack of perspective as they have not lived there.

Regardless, you understand what you are doing, and make the decisions you make well-informed.

I'm just happy to see you challenging the norms.

@SexyCyborg @TheGibson I really hope that the larger space of mastodon's toots resolves some of the issues of understanding. These post themselves aren't really possible on the twitter, and get buried on Reddit. Hopefully with more words to use we can express problems to other people in a clear manner that helps resolve them.

@Technogen @TheGibson well something more productive and interesting than everyone shouting "I'm more outraged and unhappy than you are". At least mix it up a bit...

@SexyCyborg @Technogen It combines the best of old school forums with the public forum... I am in Love with the federated 'verse.

@SexyCyborg to be clear, in the West we lack perspective inherently. Our signal is moderated in it's own way.

We still have gatekeepers, maybe not as restrictive, but very well targeted... precise.

They are also intrusive, but only choose to use the data when it benefits them. Our worlds ARE different but less so than they would have us believe.

No power in the Verse can stop the signal.

@TheGibson idk if it's lacking, it's more self-awareness. Other places seem to understand their perspective is incomplete. Westerners tend to act as if their perspective is objective truth @SexyCyborg

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