My best Booth Babe pose. I hope this picture causes Bunnie much akwardness😂

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Curieux, j'ai du mal à me concentrer sur la couverture du livre ....

@SexyCyborg I really like the top :D But it's not hello kitty is it? Something else?

@maloki Thanks! No just a floral pattern. Got it at a night market in Thailand- $3!

@SexyCyborg looks like there's a cat, or some other animal at the top though, like I see 2 legs ? :D

@five I want to read more sci-fi but the jargon is really tough for ESL and there's very little translated and available here.

@SexyCyborg @five good Chinese sci-fi exists also. I just finished The Three-body Problem (三體) a few month ago very much worth a read.

@borup @five Do you know there are Danish science fiction writers?

@SexyCyborg (sorry that my toot came across condesending).
There are yes, but very few, and most is targeted at kids (Sci-fi is not considered proper literature).
I grew up reading translated English Sci-fi. I finally forced myself the start reading in English, when I had read all the sci-fi my local library had.
I owe whatever language skills I have to sci-fi...

@SexyCyborg the choker really completes the look.😁

I'll look around for some sci-fi that's lower on the jargon level so it's easier to read. is one of my favorite series, it covers just about every sci-fi trope while being a good read but I'm not sure how well it translates.

@SexyCyborg bought the book as soon as I saw it 😄 Bunnie is a hero of mine.

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