@SexyCyborg it shows a preview when you click the toot to load it in it's own column.

@SexyCyborg I don't think any links are embedded yet. Pictures which are are uploaded, if I'm correct.

@SexyCyborg These things will come in time. It's like early Twitter in so many ways

@SexyCyborg @Gargron Interesting. I know Twitter relies heavily on oembed for showing rich content and previews of links that people post. I think Gnu Social does too. Might be a bug, and worth a GitHub issue so it can be tracked and addressed.

@SexyCyborg the hackaday sticker is my favorite, that was also my first sticker when i started coding!

@SexyCyborg That place needs some LED lighting at night and like some network and power cables running to the tables and it would be such a cyberpunk vibe. Maybe someone smoking on one of those balconies, and you're set.

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